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Looking to sell your house in a difficult situation? We’ve got you covered. Our team is here to help you get an all-cash offer for your property, regardless of the situation you’re facing. 

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Sell Your House According To Your Needs

Selling your house on your own terms without going through lengthy processes is a hassle-free experience with ease.


Sell As It Is

Sell your home in its current condition without worrying about making any repairs or updates. We purchase houses in their “as-is” state.


Simple Process

With our straightforward and stress-free three-step home buying process, selling your house will be an effortless experience.


Close When Needed

You won’t have to rely on the buyer or lender’s timeline. Whether you need to sell quickly or require more time, it’s entirely up to you. We’ll be here when you’re ready to proceed.


Best Market Rate

Based on the selling price of comparable homes in your locality, we offer you a cash proposal.


No Commissions

Our house selling process does not involve any real estate agents or intermediaries, which means you won’t incur any real estate commissions or listing fees when you sell your property to us.


No Need to Clean

You don’t have to worry about the condition of your home, as we will take care of all the cleaning. We buy properties in their current state, so you don’t have to lift a finger!


We Buy Houses As-It-Is!

Want To Sell Your House Fast For Cash In Georgia? We Buy Houses As-Is! No Hidden Fees And It’s 100% FREE. See How Our Home Buying Process Works Below

Your Challenges & Our Help

Selling to HomeBidSolutions vs. Listing with a Local Real Estate Agent

When it comes to selling your property, it’s important to explore all your options, regardless of the current market conditions. While we may not be able to offer you the highest retail sales price, we do provide sellers with several benefits in addition to price.

Traditional Home Sale


Commission on average is paid by you, the seller

Selling to HomeBidSolutions



Who Pays Closing Costs? 2% on average is paid by you, the seller NONE – We pay all costs
Inspection & Financing Contingency* Yes, up to 15% of sales fall through None
Estimated Home Ownership and Overlap 1% -
Repairs Needed To Sell Home Negotiated During Inspection Period NONE – We pay for all repairs
Average Days Until Sold: +/- 91 Days IMMEDIATE CASH OFFER
Number of Showings: It Depends 1 (Just Us)

At our company, we pride ourselves on offering Atlanta homeowners a hassle-free way to sell their houses.

Our promise to buy houses in Atlanta “as-is” is a genuine commitment, meaning that regardless of the condition, we will purchase your property. You won’t have to worry about spending time, money, or effort on repairs, upgrades, or cleaning. Leave your house exactly as it is, even if it’s in poor shape, cluttered with unwanted items, or needs a good scrub. We’ll take care of it all! Our goal is to make the selling process as stress-free as possible, giving you peace of mind and a fair price for your home.

We're Specialized

At HomeBidSolutions, we specialize in buying houses in any condition and situation. We offer a hassle-free experience that is tailored to your needs, including the ability to schedule the closing date that works best for you. Whether you need to close in two weeks or two months, we’ve got you covered.

Hazzle Free

We pride ourselves on solving real estate problems that create financial burdens for homeowners like you. And the best part? We won’t charge you any fees for our services. It’s 100% free, no hassle, no obligation, and no commitment.